Sanvira is a product engineering accelerator that has helped organizations build performant, and scaleable software systems which are secure and deliver value to their customers.

Research and Development

We have a proven history of converting your ideas into working products. We help and support you in building your teams at scale.

Security and Compliance

We help secure your systems, and customers' data; while providing the appropriate guidance to keep you compliant with various standards

Logistics and Supply Chain

We have built a Supply Chain and Fulfillment platform for a major eCommerce platform. This platform is an end-to-end supply chain service across all modes and at different time horizons. The solution works for Domestic container and International container shipping, along with Parcel. Customers are able to execute same-day loads and/or lock in fixed rates on committed, high-volume lanes with on-demand access to a national and regional carrier network. Customers can track shipments from warehouse to sites, or warehouse to multiple sites.

Domain Expertise

We build and deliver solutions across verticals



Climate Tech


Srividya CEO
Kartik CTO