Logistics and Supplychain

Supply Chain and Fulfillment platform

We have built a Supply Chain and Fulfillment platform for a major eCommerce platform. This platform is an end-to-end supply chain service across all modes and at different time horizons. The solution works for Domestic container and International container shipping, along with Parcel. Customers are able to execute same-day loads and/or lock in fixed rates on committed, high-volume lanes with on-demand access to a national and regional carrier network. Customers can track shipments from warehouse to sites, or warehouse to multiple sites.

Truckload and Parcel Shipping

The platform allowed for shipping with LTL - Less Than Truckload, FTL - Full Truck Load, Parcel, and ocean routes. Using Machine Learning, we provided customers with ways to get optimal sea routes at the best possible rates. A real time dashboard provided complete 360ยบ visibility into the shipments in transit, overall costs, and predicted delivery times.

The platform takes the hassle out of international shipping, managing multiple routes, suppliers and shipments to give partners the space to focus on business-critical tasks. With comprehensive ocean and drayage services the platform managed freight from the point of origin to final delivery

Supply Chain

The Inventory Management and Fulfillment Services module drove efficiency and accuracy in order processing at distribution centers in addition to seamlessly handling inbound receiving and outbound shipping. The inventory management solution uses advanced forecasting algorithms reduces risks proactively to contain costs and makes it easy for companies to manage customer